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Legal Notebooks for field notes

Professional legal notebooks for legal field notes by Safecity ®

For over 15 years, Safecity ® has produced paper professional legal notebooks dedicated to law enforcement, security, investigators, police,  government officials, and government inspectors.

All our Field Notes Paper Notebooks are specifically designed for recording contemporaneous field notes that meet the legal requirements for the recording of evidence.

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The all new Safecity’s notebooks featured on this site are the result of extensive research conducted with experienced police officers, security officers, private investigators and government officials.   Safecity is dedicated to the principle of continuous improvement and our new professional legal notebooks are proof of our commitment to quality and customer service.

One thing is certain, if you are currently using a regular legal pad or legal notebook, you are absolutely going to love the new Safecity Legal Notebooks.

Legal Field Notes NotebooksPen and glasses are optional extras :-)

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You asked us for professional legal notebooks with these features and we listened

  • High quality sturdy, durable, water resistant covers. Provide a stable backing to help you write your notes easily and quickly. The covers are tough and are designed to protect your notes from damage during reasonable use.
  • Strong and secure page fastening. (legal requirement). The pages are bound securely to the body of the notebook and cannot be easily removed without obvious tearing.
  • Page numbering and provision for personalised serial numbering and archival status (legal requirement).  Pages are numbered consecutively using a clear numbering process.
  • Quality paper and economical 100 pages per book. 70gsm paper, this is the same weight paper used in police and military notepads. The quality of the paper we use exceeds that of most of the business notebooks paper on the market.  This weight of paper is expensive and therefore rarely used in items such as office notebooks.
  • Compact in size.  Fits easily in all standard pockets.
  • Generously spaced lines on every page making it the ideal choice for gathering contemporaneous field notes and other more specialised uses such as military and police notes and litigation trial notebook entries.


Compact Legal NotepadsCompact – Fits perfectly in all shirt pockets

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Notebooks Dimensions

  • 97 mm x 137 mm 14 mm  Weight 126 g
  • 3.8 inch x 5 inches x 0.55 inches Weight 4.44 ounces


We delivered all these and even more …

At Safecity ® we believe in over delivering.  So we decided to add a few more handy features. 

Our new, improved legal field notes notebooks have:

  • additional lines to record emergency contact numbers on page 1;
  • the phonetic alphabet is printed in the back;
  • guidelines for how to write field notes that will be admissible in court;
  • streamlined size to fit into a regular shirt pocket;
  • sewn binding for extra security and strength of binding;

The best possible quality legal notebooks at the cheapest possible price

Another pleasing aspect of our professional legal field notes notebooks is the cost.  We know that Government bodies, law enforcement agencies, security officers, and investigators are often budget conscious.  For this reason we have kept the price very low and affordable.  Our field notes legal notebooks are comparable in price and even cheaper than legal note pads using standard quality paper and notepad paper size–well below the quality standards we use.

Custom legal notebooks and Custom Logo orders available

Most of our customers are happy to use the standard design of our legal notebooks–after all they are standards set by the industry we have served for more than 15 years.  However, some of our customers have special departmental requirements; others also require logos and custom messages to appear on the covers. 

For example, recently an Australian University asked us place a special logo on all the notebooks covers.  We were able to do this for them–the end product was stunning.  Please note that all custom orders must be prepaid in full at the time of ordering Special prices apply and will vary according to the nature of the customisation required.

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