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Who uses our notebooks to write field notes and why

Safecity’s legal notes notebooks have been used by a wide range of customers who write field notes every day as part of their duties.

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Why our customers love our professional notebooks

The main features that stand out for customers include the sturdy hard cover, the high quality field notes paper, numbered pages with secure binding and the recommended templates for field notes and other helpful information in the back of the notebook that help our new customers learn how to take field notes.  The feature that everyone loves is the compact size that will fit in shirt pockets and back pockets alike.

Professional field notebooks are ideal for taking field notes at the time of an incident for the purpose of using the notes to write a legal or official report later.  Security officers, Private Investigators, Fair Trading officers, Water board meter readers, Offshore petroleum and mining customers, and environmental agencies all use these notebooks for this purpose.

Write Field Notes

Why write field notes

As a rule of thumb if you expect your notes to be scrutinised by other people, or used as evidence in a court of law or any other proceeding then you must write field notes–and you must write on a professional notebook specifically designed for that purpose.  Generic office notebooks are not suitable for writing legal field notes because they lack the required features that help protect the integrity of the evidence.

Customers who use our professional notebooks to write field notes

Customers Writing Field Notes from Observation Come From A Variety Of Backgrounds

Examples of Types of Field Notes being prepared with our notebooks

  • Government organisations
  • Local Government bodies’
  • Councils and municipalities
  • Ambulance
  • First Aid Officers
  • Hospital services,
  • Universities
  • Correctional centres
  • Security companies
  • Private investigators
  • Insurance investigators

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Our customers are limited to Terra Firma either! We have cruise ship operators who use our notebooks out at sea regularly.

Using the Safecity Professional Notebooks for providing evidence in a court of law

Many users of our legal notes notebooks are required to go to court after an incident that involved illegal activity or incidents.

This is also not limited to security officers or companies, but extends to Government (both local, state and federal) who may have incidents with disgruntled members of the public, or with wild animal control incidents. 

Local councils love these notebooks for a range of reasons and uses such as field notes when dealing with remote customers, wild animal or Parks and Wildlife officers who are required to make full reports on all incidents – yet are usually many kilometres away from the office at the time.

We even have university students who take these on field trips for use with assignments, noting discoveries or animal behaviour studies.

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